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Aug 31 2015

Ian McIntosh, Kirmac Featured in Collision Management’s MSO Spotlight

Constant Improvement

Changing relationships often provide new opportunities.

(Article in Collision Management by Krystyna Lagowski – August 2015)
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Ian McIntosh’s life change the moment he stepped onto a Kenworth truck factory walkway. “I saw trucks being manufactured out of bits and pieces of metal, rubber and plastic,” he recalls. “On one side, you could see the small pieces, and on the other, beautiful finished trucks.”

But what really struck him most was the cleanliness and finely-tuned organization of the facility. McIntosh had been working at collision repair shops, and decided he would apply what he saw at the Kenworth plant into his own enterprise.

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Aug 31 2015

5 Safety Items to Keep in Your Car

At Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, we’re proud to provide excellent auto body and glass repair service for cars of all kinds in the Vancouver, BC area. But automotive safety isn’t just about keeping your windshield free of cracks and your car in good shape – it’s also about staying prepared for any situation you might face on the road. For this blog, we’re going to detail 5 safety must-haves to keep in your car at all times. These are easy to find, inexpensive, and can really make a difference in an accident or emergency!

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Aug 05 2015

What Makes Great Auto Glass Repair Service?

Seeking out high-quality auto glass repair services often seems like just another inconvenient item to tick off your to-do list. While no one enjoys having damaged auto glass, knowing that you have a reliable company with excellent service to turn to for help makes the experience that much better. Kirmac has a history of staying on top of auto technology and repair quality. So how do you achieve such great auto glass service?

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