Winter weather is far from over, and spring storms can be worse. Even drivers with winter tires can find themselves fooled by black ice or blinded by a snowstorm and wind up in an accident requiring Vancouver collision repairs. Kirmac Collision & Autoglass can help you prepare for getting stuck in a ditch or off the road with suggestions for five things to keep in your car’s emergency kit.

Why You Need These Items

An emergency kit is different than a tool or first-aid kit, but it is just as important and can help save your life. Here are some items to include in yours:

  • Sand or cat litter: Sometimes you can maneuver your way out of a snowbank, and sometimes you can’t. If you’re left spinning your tires, use sand or cat litter behind the tires to gain traction.
  • Warm socks and gloves: Fingers and toes are more likely to be frostbitten than other body parts, so make sure you have stashed some spare socks and gloves in your kit.
  • Flaslight: A flashlight can help you see and understand your situation if you get stuck at night. It also serves to help flag down motorists for help. Be sure to keep batteries on hand too.
  • Snacks: If the conditions are poor or you’re in a remote area, you may be stuck for some time. Include some protein bars, dried fruit or other non-perishable food and water in your kit to keep you alert and focused.

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