At Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, our purpose is to get you back on the road following a safe and quality repair. However, when it comes to car theft, we know our Customer’s would rather try to prevent the break-in rather than visit Kirmac. Car break-ins can be a problem in many parts of the BC Lower Mainland, and there are some steps you can take to prevent car break-ins or reduce the chance of it happening to you.

How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

Few feelings are worse than discovering shattered glass surrounding your car and coming to the realization that you’ve had a break-in. By following a few simple steps, you can reduce the likelihood of a break-in and avoid that feeling altogether – as well as an unnecessary trip to the auto body shop:

  • Hide Anything With Value: One of the first steps any car owner should take to prevent a break-in is to hide any and all valuables out of sight. In addition to things like wallets or electronics, this should also extend to chargers, as thieves will often break into a car to grab the charger and sell it later one.
  • Park Under the Lights: The more well-lit your car, the less likely it is to be robbed – plain and simple. Whenever you can, park in well-lit areas to deter thieves from targeting your car.
  • Get a Security System: A car alarm system is simple, but it’s an effective deterrent to would-be thieves.
  • Always Lock Your Vehicle: This may go without saying, but always remember to completely lock your car and fully roll up all windows.

Contact Your Auto Body Shop Today

At the end of the day, car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. The most you can do to make it difficult or undesirable for a thief to break into your car, the more likely they are to give up and move on to the next target. However, if you did have break-in or another accident and are in need of glass replacement or repair, we can help. Schedule an appointment today!