It’s no secret that advances in technology have transformed many aspects of society today—and vehicles are no exception. The auto industry already has widespread use of innovations including cameras, sensors, built-in navigation systems, and more features to assist with safer driving and convenience. Fully autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, with several companies operating them now. Keep reading to learn more.

Self Driving Vehicles Already Exist

Google’s fleet of self driving cars known as Waymo, are already on the road and have been testing since 2009. The fleet of vehicles have driven over 10 million miles with fully automated technology.

Automation Contribute to Safe Driving

Automated vehicles have the potential to revolutionize our roads. While it’s important to remember that they are in no way foolproof, driverless technology does come with many benefits — including less congested traffic, reduced auto pollution, and a decrease in collisions, which leads to our next point.

What About Collisions?

Understandably, safe driving is a top concern when it comes to driverless technology. The truth is that roads can become much safer when human error is removed from the equation. Drunk driving, texting and driving, emotional and distracted driving are responsible for the majority of significant collisions, so it makes sense that removing these risks reduces the chance for collisions and related injuries. While there is a significant need for thorough testing to ensure self driving cars are safe on our roads and for all users of the road systems, we can anticipate fewer collisions.

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