Dpf Filter Cleaning Josephine County Oregon

Are you experiencing a decrease of power on your diesel engine car? Have you noticed the DPF warning sign turned on on your dashboard? Then that must be a clogged DPF. At Hays Oil, we provide a world class service for your car’s engine essential needs.

What is DPF?

If you own a diesel car, you probably have a DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter. However, most of the drivers is not aware of it. DPF is a filter particular for diesel powered engine vehicles. It captures and stores carbon residues commonly known as soot in order to lessen emissions from diesel cars. And because this type of filter has only a certain capacity, this should be maintained periodically.

Symptoms of clogged DPF

  1. Significant decrease of power
  2. DPF warning sign on
  3. Excessive smoke that comes out from the exhaust pipe
  4. Increase in fuel consumption
  5. Strong smell of diesel
  6. DPF Cleaning and Maintenance

Warning Signs and Immediate Fixes

When DPF warning sign illuminates, the sign looks like a piped box with dots in the middle. It means that carbon residue is starting to build up and needs to be treated with active or passive regeneration.

Passive regeneration occurs when the car is running on long motorway journeys which allow the exhaust temperature to elevate and cleanly burn off carbon residues in the filter. It is advised that drivers should regularly give their diesel cars with thirty to fifty-minute sustained run to help clear the filter.

Another form of regeneration is called active regeneration where extra fuel is injected automatically through the vehicle’s engine control unit which increases the exhaust temperature on a high level to burn off carbon residues.

If DPF warning light is still on after performing passive or active regeneration, then forced regeneration is necessary. In this case, take a visit to DPF filter cleaning in Josephine County Oregon where this procedure can be performed. When DPF is clogged beyond its limit, and when passive and active regeneration no longer work, chemical additives are used to remove the soot. In this procedure, a technician will have an intensive inspection on the unit. He will then remove the filter from the engine and soak it on a chemical solution for about 12 hours or more depending on the amount of blockage in the filter.

There are different reasons as to why DPF problems occur. The quality of the fuel and the quality of the oil that is being used can contribute to filters getting blocked. But generally, the problem occurs due to poor driving style like frequent short journeys where the engine fails to reach its optimum running temperature.

If the driver fails to correctly regenerate the DPF due to driving style, the exhaust emissions build up and the filter gets blocked causing poor engine performance and even makes the vehicle susceptible to more problems.

In the early signs of DPF problems, one must seek for professional advice from DPF filter cleaning in Josephine County Oregon. Modern diesel car owners also need to be aware of the significance of maintaining their Diesel Particulate Filter and learn how to practice good driving habits.

Dpf Filter Cleaning Josephine County Oregon

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Dpf Filter Cleaning Josephine County Oregon

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