Jan 23 2017

5 Things New Drivers Should Know About Rock Chips in Glass

New drivers face many challenges on the road, including rocks kicked up by other vehicles on the road. These rocks have the potential to damage vehicle mirrors, windows, and in particular, put rock chips in windshields. We have five important pieces of advice about auto glass and auto glass repair especially for new drivers and their parents.

Chipped Glass is Probably Inevitable

Even though the glass elements present on a vehicle are manufactured for exceptional durability and long-term performance, virtually every driver will someday discover rock chips in their windshield.

Causes of Rock Chips

Although large trucks and construction equipment are most frequently implicated as the causes of the flying rocks that damage vehicle glass, there are other sources of damage you may encounter, such as:

  • Light trucks and delivery vans
  • Small passenger vehicles
  • Motorcycles and off-road vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)

Chipped Glass Can Usually Be Easily Repaired

The experts at Kirmac Autoglass can quickly restore vehicle windshields that have been chipped by rocks. In most cases, only spot repairs are required. The entire windshield may not need to be replaced. A rock chip does not have to be a cause for alarm.

Rock Chips Should Be Repaired Promptly

While there is no reason to panic over discovering a rock chip in your auto glass, make arrangements to have it repaired as soon as possible. Chips are a weakness in the glass which can give rise to cracks, especially in winter temperatures.

Make a Habit of Checking Your Windshield

Any time that you manually wash your windshield, take a moment to check for rock chips. Most chips are visible from behind the driver’s seat but sometimes damage can be hidden by portions of the vehicles dash.

If you discover a rock chip in your vehicle’s windshield, choose Kirmac for fast and simple glass repair service. This is available at any of our Vancouver Lower Mainland locations.