Sep 15 2016

Automotive Child Safety: Back to School Edition

It’s that time of year again, when kids head back to school to continue their educations. That’s why Kirmac wants to take a little time to talk to our regular customers about child automotive safety—after all, when kids head back to school, that’s also when the adults in their lives get busy with carpooling, after-school activities, and the other day to day errands that accompany the school year.

In Your Vehicle

The first steps you can take to keep everyone safe are in your own vehicle, with your own family. Make sure your kids are using the appropriate child safety seats for their ages, and know when to upgrade them – it’s not just about age, a lot of determining when to upgrade depends on your child’s height and weight.

There are many great resources out there with legal as well as recommended guidelines for child car seat safety guidelines. Visit sites such as these below for more information:

Outside Your Vehicle

It’s not just the kids in your car that you need to watch – it’s also the ones that are travelling on foot or by bicycle during your commute. Following these tips keeps everyone safer, so keep them in mind as you enter any area with a lot of pedestrian traffic:

  • Slow down: School zones have decreased speed limits for a reason. Slower driving means you have more time to react if something unexpected happens.
  • Always come to a complete stop: Rolling stops often violate right-of-way laws, and they also make it harder for you to assess any potential obstacles or hazards.
  • Be responsible in reverse: Make sure you go slow, check your path repeatedly, and be prepared to stop on a moment’s notice.
  • Look out for bicycles: Bikes are probably the fastest-moving human powered vehicle you will encounter, and their speed and efficiency makes it easy for them to move unexpectedly.