Oct 07 2015

What Makes Automotive Glass Different From Residential Windows

Many people mistakenly think that the same type of glass that is used in homes is also used in vehicles. Cars and houses have different needs, and very different types of glass have been developed to meet those needs. Let’s take a look at the differences between the auto glass Kirmac provides for vehicles and the glass found in the windows of a home.

Automotive Glass

Laminated and Tempered Glass vs. Float Glass

Vehicles are designed to travel at high speeds. Sometimes there is debris on the road that gets
kicked up by tires at the windshield or side windows of other vehicles traveling at high speeds.
The glass on a motor vehicle needs to be able to withstand strong impacts. In addition, if the
glass happens to get struck hard enough to break, there needs to be some sort of assurance that
there will be minimal injuries if the glass comes in contact with people. Laminated glass and
tempered glass offer safer solutions to this problem.

These types of glass are commonly referred to as safety glass. Laminated glass was first used in
1927 by attaching two panes of glass together using polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This plastic-like
material keeps the glass from shattering in a collision and acts as a cushion if a person crashes
into it. Instead of shattering, the glass breaks apart in a form similar to a spider web.

Float glass is usually the type of glass used in houses and businesses. There are a variety of
float glass types, including Low-E, or low emissivity glass, which has become a popular option for energy efficiency. Although these glass types are designed to hold up against weather and keep a building insulated, they are usually not quite as strong as automotive glass. In addition, many of these windows can shatter into sharp pieces, so be careful when cleaning up any breaks. Laminated and tempered glass options might be available in some cases.

Choose Kirmac for Your Auto Glass Needs

Both laminated and tempered glass is designed to help foster a safe driving experience in the event of a collision or other impact. If you have questions about window safety, or need an auto glass repair or replacement, visit your nearest Kirmac expert team! You can even book an online appointment.