Sep 29 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Car Repairs

The age of the Internet has allowed many do-it-yourself (DIY) blogs and videos to be created and shared. While this can seem very useful and an easy way to save money, not every project or collision repair should be undertaken by someone who is not a professional. This is the case with most auto body repairs. Even if you come across DIY tips that claim success, it is a better idea to take your vehicle to a professional Vancouver collision centre such as Kirmac.

So what’s the problem with DIY car repairs?

DIY Repairs Can Actually Damage Your Car


Dry Ice

Without the proper tools and know-how, people are more likely to add to the damage on a car than fix it. A true dent stretches the metal and may create sharp edges or corners that must be carefully reshaped. Repairs are rarely as simple as “popping” the dent out with a dry ice or heat application. In addition, using such items can cause additional damage, such as:

  • Cracked paint or clear coat
  • Burned clear coat
  • Distorted body panels

If this additional damage is serious enough, it may require a complete replacement as opposed to a quick auto body repair, meaning a more expensive fix. While these methods can occasionally offer mild success, failure is too likely, and too expensive, to be worth the risk.

Experience and the Right Equipment Are Necessary

DIY Car Repairs
Kirmac’s professional auto body repair shops are filled with individuals with years of experience, training, and even licensing to perform specific auto body repairs. We have access to the right tools to properly fix a dent and leave your vehicle paint flawless. We don’t need dry ice or suction cups to get your car looking the way it used to. Plus, our work comes with a guarantee that dry ice will never offer!

Get Professional Auto Body Repairs from Kirmac

While there are plenty of DIY ideas that are perfect to try, auto body repair isn’t one of them. For all of your Vancouver auto body repair needs, drop in to see the professionals at any Kirmac Collision & Autoglass location or schedule an online appointment.