Dec 16 2015

Driving In Icy Conditions: 5 Important Safety Tips

The Vancouver area is known for its unpredictable weather and perilous driving conditions in winter. At Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, our team of auto body shop professionals often sees cars that are damaged in accidents due to this weather. To protect yourself and your vehicle, consider these five important safety tips.

1. Take an Alternate Route

If you can tell the roads on your regular route are icy and dangerous, consider taking another route. Roads with more exposure to sunlight may have less ice, so consider routes with fewer overhanging trees and bridges.

2. Slow Down

You are more likely to lose control of your vehicle at greater speeds, so slow down. You also increase your reaction times at lower speeds, which is essential in these unpredictable conditions.

3. Learn How to Brake

Braking on ice is very different from braking on pavement. Stomping on the brakes when you are on ice will send you spinning out of control. Instead, pulse the brakes gently as needed to maintain an even, slow speed.

4. Turn Into a Slide

If your car begins to slide, steer into the spin and gently press the gas pedal instead of the brake. Slowly ease up on the gas when the car regains control and continue forward on the road.

5. Always Tell a Friend

Before you leave, always tell a friend where you are going, how long you will be gone, and what route you plan to take. If something happens to you, they can notify the authorities and send them directly to you instead of having to do a search.

No amount of skill can completely remove the dangers of icy road conditions, so staying off the roads is often your best bet to avoiding the need for auto glass repair or other services. However, life often makes it necessary to drive, so utilizing these tips can help keep you safe.