Feb 19 2016

How to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy During Winter

It is not uncommon for vehicles to perform poorly during the winter months, and if you understand
how cold affects various automotive components, it is easy to see why. From thickened motor oil
to frozen coolant, winter can wreak havoc on any automobile. Here are a few ways to keep your
vehicle healthy during the winter and avoid the need for repairs.


1. Keep Your Tires Filled

Cold weather can make your tires deflate and cause them to become less reliable on icy winter
roads. If your car has tire pressure sensors, pay attention to them and fill your tires with air
whenever they get low. If you do not have tire pressure sensors, make sure you manually check
your tire pressure at least once per month during the winter. Maintaining optimal tire pressure will not only help you get better gas mileage, but may also help you maintain better control and avoid the need for collision repair services during the winter.

2. Check Your Engine Oil

Cold weather can cause your motor oil to thicken up, which can in turn lead to poor performance
and difficulty turning the engine over. It is a good idea to take your car to the shop when the
weather first turns frigid and make sure your oil is changed. Your owner’s manual may recommend a multi-viscosity oil that is formulated specifically for winter use. You may also want to have your heater and radiator hoses checked while you are in the shop.

3. Get Cracked Windshields Repaired

A small crack in your windshield can quickly spread as a result of cold temperatures.
To avoid this driving hazard, make sure you have Kirmac Collision & Autoglass promptly repair
any cracks or chips in your windshield as soon as they appear. Bring your vehicle into one of our
greater Vancouver area locations or schedule an appointment online now.

While it is important to maintain your vehicle year-round, it becomes especially important during
the cold months. Pay close attention to your vehicle and follow these helpful tips to keep it healthy and reliable throughout the winter.