Nov 04 2011

Kirmac Collision Launches Quick Repair Program

Bodyshop organization Kirmac Collision has developed a system to get damaged cars fixed and back on the road in a matter of days, not weeks, after a motor vehicle accident.

The process, called the Instant Access Program, takes in, assesses, and repairs vehicles immediately. Under Kirmac’s Collision’s Instant Access Program, no appointment or scheduling is required.

“We developed the Instant Access Program to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible surrounding a collision,” said Kirmac Collision founder and CEO, Ian McIntosh. The Instant Access car repair model is very different from the norm, he explained. “We streamlined the repair process so that it’s fast and hassle-free, reconfiguring our entire production model to better serve our customers and insurance partners,” said McIntosh. “We now repair vehicles both faster and better so that customers can get back on the road sooner.”

Here’s how the Instant Access Program works:

  • The car owner calls insurer and file a claim.
  • He drops into a Kirmac Collision location without booking an appointment.
  • He drives away in a replacement vehicle. Kirmac Collision provides a replacement vehicle as soon as the vehicle is dropped off.
  • Vehicle damage is assessed. Kirmac Collision first completes a full estimate of all the vehicle damages related to the accident. Using the old model, a collision repair shop is able to see only the exterior damage caused by the accident. This is because the parts of the vehicle related to the accident had not yet been fully removed so the vehicle could remain driveable.
  • Eliminating the “Hidden Damage”. Using the Instant Access Program’s approach, the vehicle is completely disassembled, prior to completing the damage report. This ensures a complete assessment of all damage related to the accident, including any items related to what was previously defined as “hidden damage”. In combination, this approach results in a complete and fully accurate estimate from the outset, reducing the parts procurement time in particular, therefore and thereby reduces the time that is required to repair the customer’s vehicle by a significant margin.
  • Work begins on the car. Kirmac Collision works directly with the insurer to finalize the approval of the completed damage assessment and then proceeds to repair the vehicle immediately.

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Originally published in Bodyshop Magazine – November 4th, 2011