Jun 20 2018

Limiting Distractions While Driving

As your Vancouver auto collision repair specialists, here at Kirmac we want to remind you to stay safe and limit your distractions while driving. Almost everyone is guilty of distracted driving at one point or another, but our team wants you to decrease your distractions and we’ve got the tips on how to do so! Every day, we see cars who need auto collision repairs and auto glass repairs because their driver was distracted. Or, it could be much worse, we’ve seen totaled cars and heard of unfortunate related injuries. We want to avoid this at all cost for our Customers. Continue reading to learn more about limiting your distractions while driving.

Distracted Driving

Never User Your Cell Phone While Driving

While you are driving, you should never be on your cell phone. Cell phones have become the easiest, and one of the most dangerous, ways to be distracted while driving. You should never text, call, or use an app while driving. Even hands-free or bluetooth calling can be an added distraction. If you really need to use your cell phone, pull over and park to do so. This will keep your eyes on the road and you will be fully engaged with your environment, rather than focused on a phone call.

Don’t Drive If You Are Tired

If you are feeling overly tired while driving, pull over. Drowsiness can increase the risk of a car accident by almost four times. When we are overly tired or exhausted, we actually drive similar to a drunk driver. Our reaction times are slower and it’s much easier to fall asleep at the wheel. At Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, we suggest pulling off the road and calling a friend or family member, if you are feeling tired. We want to keep you and all the other drivers on the road safe!

Limit The Number Of Passengers In Your Car

Other people in your car can always be fun, especially if you are going on a road trip. However, with a lot of people in the car that means there is a lot of activity and talking going on. It can be very easy to become distracted with others in the car. If you do have people in the car, ask them to speak softly and not distract you while driving.

Avoid Eating & Driving

We are all busy and know that it is easy to have our next meal in our car, but being busy is not an excuse for distracted driving. By eating and driving, you are less attentive to your driving and to other drivers on the road. As your auto collision repair specialists, we remind you to eat before or after driving, not during your journey from one destination to another.

Do Not Multitask

Multitasking is a major cause of distracted driving, we are all culprits of this. At Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, we’ve heard it all: putting on makeup, changing the song, looking at the GPS, calling a friend, etc. When you are behind the wheel, your priority is keeping your eyes on the road and staying attentive. Leave your multitasking for before or after you drive. Please do not do it while you are driving.

Questions & Concerns

For questions or concerns about limiting your distractions while driving, call our team at Kirmac. As your Vancouver auto collision repair and auto glass repair specialists, we want you to avoid driving while distracted. There will always be more time to answer that last text message or call your mom. There may not be more time if you have a car accident. Driving is a great responsibility and we take it quite seriously at Kirmac Collision & Autoglass. Call our head office or stop by one of our locations in the Vancouver area! Always remember, keep your eyes on the road!