Jun 01 2017

Preparing Your Car For Summer

Summer Car Care

Preparing Your Car For The Summer Heat

Spring is flying by, and summer is coming up fast, but is your car ready for the summertime? With the change in weather comes changes in driving conditions, and different factors that can put some unnecessary wear and tear on your car. Preparing your car for the summer heat is simple, and can save you massive headaches when you should be enjoying the beautiful weather or your long awaited vacation. That’s why the trusted auto experts at Kirmac put together guide for you on how to prepare your car for the summer.

Air Conditioning Ready For The Heat

It’s a no-brainer that you want to check that your AC is working properly before the heat sets in, since you definitely don’t want to be the one melting in your car as you drive around.

For a basic check of your air conditioning, jump in your car and turn on the air so you can examine how it’s performing. Check the if it’s actually cooling the car down like it should, if you notice any strange noises coming from the vents, or if there are problems with air flow. If you do notice any issues, your car may need a cleaning, a recharge of refrigerant, or you may even have a leak in the system. You can take your car to your local auto mechanic shop, and they can help assess and fix the problem for you.

Summer Air Needs Summer Tires

Having the right tires for the occasion is more important than you think. Winter tires are absolutely necessary for those cold, snowy winter months, but keeping them on during the summer will make them wear out much faster, while leaving you with more difficult handling, lower fuel efficiency, and slower speeds. Make sure that you switch out your tires for some summer or all-season tires, which are more suitable for the hotter, dryer pavement on the roads.

While you’re switching out your tires, make sure that you also check the air pressure in your tires and ensure that they’re properly inflated. An improperly inflated tire is more likely to overheat, which is only amplified with the hot summer roads, and could lead to a blowout.

Check Your Brakes

If you want to make sure something’s working properly, let it be your brakes. The shift to warmer days can actually increase the temperature of your brake system, which will cause it to wear down much faster than normal. With that said, we highly recommend taking your car in to get the brakes checked, or checking them yourself if you know what to look for. If you brake pads are close to needing replacements, just make sure you keep a careful eye to and get them switched out sooner rather than later.

Contact Your Local Auto Shop!

Covering the basics with your brakes, AC, and tires should help you get through the summer at least a few auto-related headaches. However, if you’re just unlucky and you have some problems anyways, such as an unfortunate accident or some damaged glass on your vehicle, just contact the experts here at Kirmac Collision & Autoglass. When you choose us, you can trust that you’ll always get high quality, professional repairs and service every time. Enjoy the summer and drive safe!