Sep 20 2018

Tips For Parents of New Drivers

Here at Kirmac Collision & Autoglass Repair, we strive to provide the best auto body repair services paired with unparalleled customer experiences. Our family-owned and operated business has been providing exceptional service since 1973. We strive to treat each customer as family. We understand that it can be unnerving when a child turns sixteen and acquires a driver’s license. Here are a few tips for navigating this exciting (and sometimes stressful!) time:

Model Good Driving Practices

As the parent of a teen driver, you’re feeling a range of emotions: excitement, worry, anxiety. You want to keep your child safe at all times, however – you know that they need independence and the freedom to drive. The absolute best way to help your teen become a good driver is to model safe driving practices yourself. Your teen has been a passenger in your vehicle for years watching your behaviour. Do not use your phone while driving. Follow road rules, always buckle up, use proper signals, and avoid reckless driving.

Start With Small Trips

Once your teen has his or her driver’s license, allow them to take small trips, like a run to the grocery store or a sibling drop-off. This will enable them to slowly build up their confidence as a driver. Remember, though your teen is excited to finally be able to drive, they are likely just as nervous as you. They need time and experience to feel confident in their new skill.

Provide A Safe, Practical First Car

The first car your teen drives should not be a flashy, speedy vehicle. It should be a reliable, safe car with good tires, working airbags, and have recently had a tune up including an oil change and all-fluid check. Knowing your teen is driving a safe and reliable car will help reduce your stress.

Set Rules & Have Regular Check-Ins

When your teen heads out on the road, have them check in with you often. They can send a text to let you know they have arrived at their destination, and another before they start their drive home. You may even wish to establish a safety keyword for different scenarios. If your teen has a smartphone, update his or her location sharing settings. This will allow you to see their location at all times.

Have Confidence In Your Teen

If you’ve done all you can to prepare your teen to be a good driver, you’ve done a good job. Now, it’s time to let go and allow your teen the freedom they need. You can avoid stress and worry by knowing that you’ve done your best, and by trusting that your teen will make wise driving decisions. If your teen knows you trust him or her behind the wheel, they’ll be more likely to behave in a trustworthy manner on the road.

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