Dec 20 2016

Driving Up to the Mountains This Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know

Winter is here for the next few months, and with it comes all the hazards drivers must endure. At Kirmac, we know that icy roads, snowy climbs and snow storms can make it a hazard to drive anywhere, let alone in the mountains. If you are headed to a higher altitude this winter, do so cautiously by keeping these pointers in mind.

Be Prepared

You are highly unlikely to meet someone who says they wished they hadn’t put so much time into preparing for an emergency. It is almost always the opposite. Before you trek up the mountain, be sure that you prepare for as many situations as possible, including:

  • Your engine freezing up
  • Your car running out of gas
  • A tire blowing out
  • Colliding with a car or animal
  • Falling rocks damaging your auto glass

Another part of being prepared is having the proper equipment. Have snow tires on your vehicle and food, water and warm blankets to get you through in case you need to stop unexpectedly.

Drive Wisely

Snow storms can erupt around you in a moment, so always drive carefully. It’s wise to use less speed and give yourself more space than normal when driving in winter road conditions. A 10-second stopping distance between you and the car in front of you should be a good starting point. If you skid, the best thing to do is stay calm and apply steady, even pressure to the brakes and steer your car into the skid. As always, pay extra attention to hazard signs to avoid any potentially dangerous, off-limit areas of the mountain.

The Unexpected Can Occur

Just like in everyday life, accidents happen. They are unavoidable. A small rock may fall down the mountain at the exact moment you pass by, leaving you with a cracked windshield in need of rock chip repair. Or you may hit a protruding rock that was covered in a snow bank. At Kirmac, we know that unexpected things happen. If your trip to the mountains does not go as expected and your vehicle is in need of repairs, you can count on Kirmac for convenient, quality repairs to get you and your vehicle back on the road.