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Sachse mechanics

Lube Master Express’ Sachse mechanics are ASE certified. Finding a trustworthy shop is difficult. We aim to maintain our stellar reputation and treat you as our greatest asset.

Where should I take my car for service?

Your vehicle is your lifeline to the outside world. Nothing is more important than the ability to travel short or long distances in Texas. Since cars and trucks are expensive, keeping your vehicle on the road is a priority.

You need a mechanic that understands your vehicle and is willing and capable of providing the repairs and maintenance needed to keep you on the road. Certification, reviews, and guarantees provide an excellent starting point for finding a mechanic.

ASE Certified Mechanics in Texas

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence is the leading professional organization for businesses and professionals in the automotive repair and service industry. An award signifies a mechanic or shop as knowledgeable and capable.

Our experts are certified. We apply our knowledge to every car we see. Finding problems before they erupt into major concerns is among the most vital parts of service. We not only resolve existing problems but inspect your vehicle for necessary replacements and repairs.

Can I trust my local mechanic?

Dealers and service providers often recommend unnecessary maintenance. Brake pads need to be replaced at 50000 miles on average but may last anywhere from 25000 to 70000 miles. Such components may be the target of unneeded maintenance.

Faulty repairs are equally devastating. Without a guarantee of service, the burden of poor craftsmanship falls on you.

Trustworthy Guarantee

Our shop seeks to retain an excellent reputation. Every job is guaranteed. If a repair is not performed correctly, we repair all damage at no cost to you.

We are part of the Valvoline Express Care network. Our state of the art facilities and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you stay on the road.

When should I change my oil?

Oil changes are the most common form of maintenance. A change should occur every 3000 to 5000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. A driver making frequent short trips such as an Uber employee or delivery driver requires service more often than someone who uses their car once every week.

Temperature ranges and time impact the ability of oil to perform. The engine needs oil to minimize contact between moving parts. Dirt and evaporation work against the driver. Manufacturers create different oils to help with both hot summers and cold winters while dirt enters the system no matter what time of year it is.

Qualified Sachse mechanics

Lube Master Express’ mechanics are qualified and capable. Our certified staff ensures that your vehicle drives for many years to come. Frequent care directly correlates to the longevity of a vehicle as stress on the system increases with lack of care.

We provide quality care at a low cost. Do not let your vehicle go unmaintained. Visit a local shop in the greater Dallas area to have your car inspected today.

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Sachse mechanics

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